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Bite Sized Quiches Featuring Kraft Cheddar Cheese

August may mark the end of summer, but we still have a few days left to enjoy the pool and relaxation! We are trying to make the most of it and savor every drop while making lasting memories. One of the ways the boys and I spend our days is by making a fun new recipe that is simple and perfect for eating outdoors. We've made everything from popsicles to fruit salad. The key is to create something that throws in a vegetable or a fruit and is still fun and delicious for them to eat.

A few years back I accidentally came up with this simple recipe for a quiche. It is great because it uses ingredients you likely already have on hand. The best part about this quiche recipe is that kids love it and it gets them eating broccoli! Now, our 3 year old adores broccoli, but the 7 year old still doesn’t like it. The quiche is a great way to include broccoli and the cheese makes it delicious! We make ours in mini muffin tins so that they are bite sized and perfect for little hands or the lunch box.

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Cheesy Broccoli Bites
Cheesy Broccoli Bites

Potato, broccoli and cheddar co-star in so many people-pleasing dishes—they can't be wrong. These appetizer bites are crispy, cheesy and easy to make.

Total Time 50min.

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