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Fellow Mac And Cheese Lovers, Rejoice!

Hello friends!

Today's post is for my fellow mac and cheese lovers out there (a.k.a almost everyone in the world).

Growing up, macaroni and cheese was always a go-to side dish in my home. The iconic blue box always had a home in our pantry since it was simple to make and paired with some sort of vegetable it is easily transformed.

Today I've decided to put a fun twist on the classic side dish, and combine the veggies and mac and cheese into one glorious Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese Cup! It's like your favorite bowl of Broccoli Cheddar soup combined with classic, creamy macaroni and cheese into portioned side-dishes. Just a few simple alterations to your favorite box of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese and you can have these on the dinner table in no time.

The key is to let them cool in the muffin tins for at least 15 minutes after you bake them. As they cool, the cheesy goodness binds all the macaroni and broccoli together. However, don't be dismayed if a few stray noodles or a broccoli floret decide to go rogue and leave the cup; it will still be utterly delicious! Baking the macaroni and cheese in individual muffin tins means everyone gets to enjoy that bit of crispy, crunchy texture we all have come to know and love from baked pastas.

Once you try this version, you can even mix it up with whatever flavors are big favorites in your family! I know we love Mexican food at my house, so a spicy, southwestern version will definitely be in the mix, or even a fun twist on Italian food with a chicken parmesan variation! The mac and cheese possibilities are endless!

Happy Baking!

P.S. don't have a muffin pan handy? You can also bake this macaroni and cheese in a cast-iron skillet or casserole dish and serve it "homestyle" for larger gatherings. The individual portions are a fun twist, but this dish can be enjoyed in a more traditional style just as easily!

Click here for the full recipe: Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese Cups.

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Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese Cups
Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese Cups

Prepare for the cutest mac and cheese with broccoli you've ever created—and all you need is a muffin pan!

Total Time 30min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Jess Gonzalez. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at On Sugar Mountain.

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