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An Exciting Challenge: Using A.1. Original Sauce Without Meat!

School-bus lines have replaced tan lines, and fall is underway. Change is in the air and not only around the Stay at Stove Dad household. I wasn’t aware, but A.1 steak sauce is now A.1 Original Sauce. It’s just a labeling change, though. They haven’t touched the recipe. I was told this by the fine folks at Kraft, for whom I’m working as a Tastemaker this year. They asked me to come up with a new recipe for the sauce. I’m always looking for dinner ideas (one can only eat so much pasta, chicken breast, or pork), and I was excited by the challenge.

People like A.1 for its savory flavor, and I wanted a way to deliver that classic taste without involving steak. Some folks can’t eat steak for financial and/or health reasons, but they should still be able to enjoy A.1, if that’s their sort of thing.

I wanted something quick and easy, too, so I started to play around with flavored crackers. Made with just water and flour and seasonings, crackers are incredibly easy to make at home, though a wise-guy friend of mine remarked, “You know, they sell crackers in stores,” when I told her what I was doing. Don’t listen to her—homemade crackers are a snap.

Using flour, semolina, salt, and olive oil, I made such big and wide crackers that they came out more like flatbreads. I enlivened them with a dollop of A.1, and then set out to make a meal out of them. I marinated tofu in A.1, and fried it up, and topped it with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a bit of thyme, butter, and beef broth. Finished with fresh parsley, it was everything I wanted from an A.1 sauce recipe: tasty, quick, and satisfying. The recipe is here: A.1. Crispy Tofu Super Flatbreads.

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A.1. Crispy Tofu Super Flatbreads
A.1. Crispy Tofu Super Flatbreads

A.1. Original Sauce lends its distinctive flavor to both the crispy fried tofu and the from-scratch dough in this unique and delicious flatbread recipe.

Total Time 1hr. 30min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker John Donohue. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Stay at Stove Dad.

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