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From The ‘graveyard’ Of Sweet Delights

Every year, we make special Halloween treats—candied kale chips with crystallized tofu-and-powdered shiitake puffs. Just kidding! That sounds too scary, even for a natural-food, organically minded home cook like myself. Something like that would give me nightmares…

Halloween food should be fun. As should Halloween party ideas. When I was a boy, I remember my older sisters having sleep-over Halloween parties where they would play games involving cold cooked pasta and blindfolds, making miniature haunted houses. Or so I imagined, because I was too frightening a figure to be included in their games. What little I learned came by listening at the top of the stairs after bedtime.

It’s no longer so hard to get information on Halloween parties. If you want to make a killer Halloween dish, the Internet is full of crazy ideas, from Halloween cupcakes to monster cakes. I have a contribution to that graveyard of sweet delights—Burbling Blood Blondies. They are my wife’s invention, and they are gooey and delicious. I hope you like them.

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Burbling ‘Blood’ Blondies
Burbling ‘Blood’ Blondies

These chocolate-studded blondies are scrumptious, simple to make, and the perfect dessert to bring to a Halloween party.

Total Time 30min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker John Donohue. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Stay at Stove Dad.

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