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Spicing Things Up In The Kitchen

When the temperature drops, there’s more than one way to turn up the heat. Never mind the oil burner, or more blankets. Forget jetting away to warmer climates. Head to the kitchen and make a batch of this chili. Not hot in the customary way (though it can be made quite spicy*), it has a special ingredient that layers in a fireside flavor and warms the heart: Spanish smoked paprika.

Paprika, which made from dried and ground peppers, is most closely associated with Hungary, where it is a key ingredient in that country’s national dish, goulash. But the peppers were native to Mexico, Central America, South America, and the West Indies, and they were brought to Europe by explorers from Spain. On the Iberian Peninsula, they do something magical as they make paprika, which they call Pimentón. In the river valleys of the rugged La Vera region, West of Madrid, they smoke the peppers over oak fires. The result is a rich smokiness that enhances every mouthful of the chili.

I make this chili when I’m tired of soup recipes, salmon, or even pizza.

Click here for the full recipe: Smoky Three Bean Chili.

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Smoky Three-Bean Beef Chili
Smoky Three-Bean Beef Chili

Bacon, ground beef and three types of beans make this delicious chili one of the heartiest we've ever tasted. But don't take our word; taste for yourself!

Total Time 2hr.

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