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Creative Way To Whip Up Cannoli Treats

Growing up it was always fun to ask the question “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Ever since I can remember my answer was always cheese. Partially because I was practical and aware of the many varieties of cheese available, but mostly because I love cheese. Love, love, love it!

I’m not a big snacker throughout the day, but when I do grab a bite between meals I tend to grab string cheese and fresh fruits or vegetables. Cheese plates are a must when entertaining and nothing beats a beautiful spread of regional cheeses paired with marinated olives, cured meats and fresh bruschetta.

Though any time is the perfect time to enjoy cheese (in moderation, of course), dessert just happens to be my absolute favorite time of the day. Italian cannoli have always been a special treat to me. Their delicate shells seemed such a daunting task to recreate at home so they were always reserved for enjoying while dining out.

KRAFT’s ‘For the Love of Cheese’ campaign was the perfect excuse to expand my comfort zone and re-create one of my favorite cheese desserts. By using pre-made ice cream cones, I was able to create a quick and easy variation of the classic cannoli. Delicious POLLY-O Ricotta Cheese stars as the base of this sweet treat while assorted sprinkles and nuts add a pop of flavor and fun. I chose black and white jimmies and crushed almonds for my cannoli, but the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, for the love of cheese, have fun!

Click here for the full recipe: Cannoli Cones.

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Cannoli Cones
Cannoli Cones

This party-perfect version of cannoli swaps the usual fried pastry dough wrap for ice cream cones—so they're not just fun to eat, they're easier to make.

Total Time 45min.

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