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A Twist On Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Growing up there are certain memories about my grandma that always make me smile. She was one of the most incredible cooks I have ever known and she was equally good at baking, which is odd. I found that if you are really good at one you aren’t usually as good at the other, but my grandma could put most people to shame doing both. She was famous for her recipes, like meatloaf, 7 Layer Dip, and her Queso Dip and equally as famous for her Toasted Walnut Cake. However, it was her Cheesy Shrimp Toast that I always remember as being super yummy at family get-togethers.

Have you ever lost a family recipe before? It’s really frustrating and I can’t tell you how many times over the past 15 years I tried to replicate the Cheesy Shrimp Toast with no luck. I searched through her recipe box and other mementos she left behind in hopes of finding her secret recipe but never had any luck. The only thing I could remember is that the cheese she used in her recipe came in the cutest little glass jars that she always saved to use as juice glasses.

Anyway, last month I was scrolling through the Kraft Recipe website looking for some inspiration for appetizers for our 2014 Winter Olympics party we are having in February, like 7 layer dip or queso dip, when I came across their Crab Melt-Away recipe and realized it was my Grandma’s Cheesy Shrimp Toast in disguise (with a few minor tweaks). So here it is, the long lost recipe:

Click here for the full recipe: Grandma’s Cheesy Shrimp Toast

Grandma’s Cheesy Shrimp Toast
Grandma’s Cheesy Shrimp Toast

Find another way to enjoy your favorite seafood with Grandma's Cheesy Shrimp Toast recipe. Grandmas always pass along the best recipes, including this one.

Total Time 25min.

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