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Sweet Treat For Your Sweetheart

He’s an unapologetic geek. True, he’s an engineer and that’s part of the package, but it’s way more than that. Wanna get him chatting? Bring up Medieval history. He talks about those regents like they’re sitting on the throne today. Go on. I dare you to start a discussion on the Stone of Scone. And no, it isn’t a failed baking experiment.

He’s also the guy who -when we had a push mower- pulled it behind him and swept his feet as he walked forward to help motivate any little lurking woodland creatures to run away and not be hurt. He’s the guy who -after forty seven years of never dancing anything more than a shuffle- offered to take tap lessons with our eight year old so they could have fun together. He hung up Christmas lights over the boys’ beds to help defeat the fear of the dark in a festive way. He carries our four pound Chihuahua around in his hoodie like a baby in a sling. He plays the acoustic guitar like an angel. He asked the lady in a drive-through restaurant if she could please give us fries fresh from the fryer when I was nauseous and only wanted hot fries to eat, “Excuse me, one of us just got out of the hospital. Is it possible that we could have two large fresh-from-the-fryer orders of fries?"

I love that guy and his quirkiness.

He’s a chocolate lover…a milk chocolate lover. (To me that’s a quirk, since dark chocolate is the be-all-and-end-all of the chocolate world.) And he’s a coffee guy (where I’m a tea girl.) So when it comes time to create a treat for him that will make him misty-eyed, I usually combine his two favorites in one form or another. This year, I decided to get mushy on him and make heart-shaped, coffee flavored, milk chocolate dipped marshmallow pops. Nothing but the best for my sweetheart.

Now, you COULD skip making them heart shaped and simply make them rectangles. Likewise, you could skip the stick and just let them be stand-alone marshmallows, but I like the stick both for the dipping ease (build in handle!) and the tidier eating process (Look ma, no gooey fingers!).

You may either dip the marshmallows, letting excess drip off before returning to the lined pan, or drizzle the chocolate artistically over them with a spoon. Either way is delicious and beautiful. Let the chocolate firm up before wrapping the marshmallow pops individually. They are good –tightly wrapped or in an airtight container- for a week at room temperature.

Click here for the full recipe: Mocha Marshmallow Pops

Mocha Marshmallow Pops
Mocha Marshmallow Pops

If you're a coffee and chocolate fan, you need these delish candy pops in your life. Make 'em to gift; make 'em to nosh…just do make 'em!

Total Time 9hr.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Rebecca Lindamood. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Foodie with Family.

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