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A Twist On Your Favorite Side Dishes

Now that fall is here I've been thinking a lot about our Thanksgiving menu. I could look at recipes all day and I love having people over for the holidays so it's the perfect reason to start menu planning early. As a Kraft Foods Tastemaker I spent a lot of time browsing the Kraft site looking for Thanksgiving recipes. There are so many delicious dishes to choose from whether it's appetizers, the main course, desserts, and everything in between.

I always like putting new twists on traditional recipes and when I was challenged this month to create a recipe using STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix showing how it can be a delicious and easy alternative to homemade stuffing, I started thinking about how I could mix up a classic stuffing recipe and immediately thought it would be fun if I could figure out a way to serve stuffing as an appetizer.

After tossing different ideas around in my mind for a while I thought it would be fun to make Mashed Potato Stuffing Cups. I wasn't sure how the stuffing would hold up in cup form but thought if I mixed in an egg and some cheese it would help.

I was right and they turned out great! I made the STOVE TOP Stuffing by following the recipe on the box but instead of letting it sit as it does in the last step, I put the stuffing into a muffin tins, and scooped out a shallow spot in the center where the mashed potatoes would go. While it baked in the oven, I made the mashed potatoes, and when the cups were ready I scooped the mashed potatoes into the stuffing cups and then topped them with cranberries or gravy.

We were all very happy with how they turned out and how it felt like we were eating all of Thanksgiving in one bite! Not only would this be a great appetizer recipe but it also would work for leftovers as well. I'd love to try putting a bit of turkey in the bottom of the cup and then topping it with the potatoes and then gravy or cranberries next time.

This recipe turned out so well we are looking forward to making it again this Thanksgiving and every year after. It's one that I can see will become a family tradition and can be customized in so many ways it can fit any taste.

Click here for the full recipe: Mashed Potato Stuffing Cups.

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Mashed Potato Stuffing Cups
Mashed Potato Stuffing Cups

Fill stuffing cups with mashed potatoes and turkey gravy or cranberry sauce to please fans of both stuffing and spuds.

Total Time 35min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Tesa Nicolanti. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at 2 Wired 2 Tired.

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