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It’s Slow Cooker Month

With winter in full swing I’m always looking for hearty comfort food recipes. There’s nothing like coming in from a cold day to a house filled with fantastic flavors from a meal ready to be enjoyed. That’s why I love slow cookers this time of year. You can prepare your meal in the morning, turn it on, and come dinnertime the house smells delicious and it’s ready to be served.

I was excited to learn that January is Slow Cooker Month and as a Kraft Tastemaker, I had fun browsing the Kraft website looking for soup recipes. There is a wide variety to choose from and I can’t wait to try some of them.

While looking for recipes for Slow Cooker Month, I decided to make chili. It’s a family favorite around here and I thought it would be fun to mix our traditional recipe up a bit and make it in a slow cooker. Typically, we pull out a big pot and cook it on the stove. I use the slow cooker for a lot of recipes but haven’t tried it for chili before. I pleased to say it was incredibly easy and came out full of flavor.

First I browned the ground beef and ground turkey. I mixed them together and put them in the slow cooker. To put a different spin on things I added some crumbled sausage. Next, I added the tomato sauce, the diced tomatoes, the corn, the chili beans, and the chili seasoning packets and mixed them all together. It was really nice being able to put all the ingredients in the slow cooker and stir them together in one place. While I did use the pan to brown the meat, everything else was done in the slow cooker making prep and clean up a breeze.

After a few hours it was ready and we were all impressed with how delicious it was. You can serve it with chips or cornbread. I had never had chili with chips before until one of our old college roommates introduced us to the delicious medley. I like to dip my chips into the chili and they give it a nice crunch. I also enjoy eating it with a slice of homemade cornbread; the two together are a cozy combination on a cold day.

We enjoyed making this slow cooker chili recipe and look forward to doing it again often in the coming winter months. It’s truly a winter inspired dish that warms us up from the inside out.

Click here for the full recipe: Delicious Cold Day Slow Cooker Chili.

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Delicious Cold Day Slow Cooker Chili
Delicious Cold Day Slow Cooker Chili

Meet a cold day head on by making…chili! This slow-cooker recipe includes ground beef, ground turkey, ground turkey sausage and vegetables.

Total Time 4hr. 20min.

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