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It Wouldn't Be Thanksgiving Without Stove Top Stuffing!

With the arrival of November, people everywhere are looking forward to Thanksgiving this month and even more joyous holidays right around the corner. We're all gearing up to show our gratitude, love and devotion to our families, right?

But, come on, admit it. You're also really looking forward to the food.

Whether it's the turkey, potatoes, casseroles, rolls, vegetables, ham, stuffing or pies, pies, pies, I don't know too many people that are unhappy about all of the cooking, baking and eating that comes along with the holidays.

No matter if your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the gravy or the pumpkin pie, there's no doubt that the meal just wouldn't be complete without the stuffing. Turkey without stuffing? That's like having peanut butter without jelly! – Which is why it is the perfect time to complete your Thanksgiving spread with none other than the quick, easy and delicious STOVE TOP Boxed Stuffing Mix from Kraft.

Available in a multitude of flavors and flexible enough to be used in all sorts of recipes, STOVE TOP Stuffing is a delicious way to spend less time cooking and more time with family. Whether you opt for Chicken, Turkey or Savory Herb, STOVE TOP is ready to serve in just five minutes and is sure to be a hit on Thanksgiving or any night of the week.

But while STOVE TOP Stuffing is already a deliciously easy alternative to homemade stuffing, did you know that it is also extremely versatile? That's right, this tasty dish can be more than just a side or a filling for your bird, STOVE TOP can be altered, changed, added-to and more to make it your very own.

Have you tried adding cranberries and turkey? Apples and walnuts? Or, why not give it a complete makeover and turn it from a traditional Thanksgiving accessory into an all-year-round recipe stunner? Because with the addition of a few common ingredients and a little time in your oven, you can surprise and wow your family with STOVE TOP Stuffing Pizza!

Who would've thought, right?

We're pretty plain when it comes to pizza around here, so my STOVE TOP Stuffing Pizza is just cheese, but this could be jazzed up with any number of toppings - from traditional such as sausage and peppers to a little more November-themed such as turkey and cranberries. The sky's the limit!

And if you're thinking that this might be time-consuming to make, think again. It really only takes a little mixing, spreading and baking...

...before you've got a delicious dish that puts a completely unique twist on your regular stuffing or pizza recipe!

For more delicious ways to incorporate STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix into your next dish (whether for Thanksgiving or not!), check out the large number of recipes available at

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STOVE TOP Stuffing Pizza
STOVE TOP Stuffing Pizza

Why wait for delivery? Top a STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix crust with your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese and you've got a tasty pizza on the table.

Total Time 25min.

Article by Kraft TasteMaker Xenia Sundell. For more recipes and ideas, visit her blog at Thanks, Mail Carrier.

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