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Triple The Chocolate, Triple The Taste

There's something special about enjoying chocolate all year long, but when Valentine's Day rolls around, it just doesn't seem right to let the holiday pass without having something a little extra special. It's just tradition, you know?

Although there is no shortage of candy and chocolate found in the stores, I always find it to be a little risky to pick up something generic because I never know how good it is going to taste. Whether I'm purchasing truffles, cheesecake, chocolate fondue or a classic heart-shaped box, the last thing I want is to be dealing with cheap chocolate — the horrors!

Instead, I can always rest assured that I can turn to to find recipes to create my own sweet, delicious and luscious chocolate of all kinds. Why head into the holiday filled with love and sweetness without whipping up something decadent, easy and scrumptious?

This year, I wanted to try something that I knew would make my husband swoon yet didn't require hours of baking or complicated ingredients.

My search came immediately to an end when I stumbled upon these amazingly yummy Triple Chocolate Cookie Balls.

Oh, my!

These cookie balls have received rave reviews from all testers and they're just so easy to make — you don't even have to turn on the oven!

Combine the extremely cute look with the ease of making them and the ultra-chocolate, savory flavor and this is one Valentine's Day treat that I'm sure we'll revisit in future years... not to mention that by simply changing the food coloring added to the white chocolate, these would be fun and festive for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more!

Click here for the full recipe: Triple Chocolate Cookie Balls

Triple-Chocolate Cookie Balls
Triple-Chocolate Cookie Balls

Crushed cookies, chocolate pudding and melted dipping chocolate give these cookie balls their triple-chocolatey goodness. Bonus how-to video included!

Total Time 1hr. 10min.

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