How To Freeze Food

This How to Freeze Food article can help you with all the necessary freezing dos and don’ts you need to keep your freezer well-stocked—and not a frozen wasteland! The tips below are a great starting point, and there’s more information under specific ingredients (blueberries, for example) in our Seasonal Produce guide. We also have a helpful article on freezing baked goods, great casseroles and soup recipes for freezing and an entire collection of convenient (and delicious!) make-and-freeze dishes.

Freezing Tips that Work

  • DO label items before adding them to your freezer. Include a description, the serving size and the date.
  • DO keep a list of what is in your freezer and the dates things were added. Cross things off as you remove them.
  • DO store similar foods together – staples on one shelf, casseroles and prepared food on another.
  • DO freeze foods in individual portions. You can thaw only what you need and your thawing time is shortened.

Freezing Watch-Outs

  • DON'T choose containers that are too large for the food. Squeeze excess air from freezer bags before sealing.
  • DON'T fill your freezer with baking dishes. Line dishes with foil before assembling a casserole, wrap and freeze the finished casserole and then lift from dish and store in a resealable freezer-weight plastic bag.
  • DON'T fill containers of soups, stews and sauces to the very brim. Leave 1 inch of space to allow for expansion during freezing.