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Milk Nutrition
The recommended amount of foods from the Dairy Group is 2-3 cups/day (for a 1200- to 3200-calorie diet). Foods in the Dairy Group supply bone-building calcium, along with protein. Following are Dairy Group serving suggestions and tips:
Food Dairy Group equivalent Tips
1 (8 oz) cup Milk 1 cup Plain or flavored milk is a top source of calcium. Look for low-fat or fat-free milk.
1 (8 oz) Yogurt
1 (6 oz) Yogurt
1 cup

3/4 cup
Yogurt typically is higher in calcium than milk. Its live and active cultures may benefit intestinal health.
1 oz (28 g)
Natural Cheese
2/3 cup Serve reduced-fat cheese with assorted fresh or dried fruits.
1 (19 g) slice
American cheese slice
1/2 cup Heat up a classic—a grilled cheese sandwich made with KRAFT 2% Milk Singles with Added Calcium.
1/4 cup (28 g)
Shredded Cheese
2/3 cup Jazz up main dishes, vegetables and soups by sprinkling with shredded cheese. Look for reduced-fat varieties.

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