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Delicious Sandwiches


You can keep the oven OFF and still enjoy great meals—and we’re not talking takeout.

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Sandwiches, of course! Layering delicious ingredients between slices means everything is easier, from assembly to eating to cleanup. Plus, most sandwiches don’t require heating up your oven or kitchen—a blessing on sweltering summer days. Here are some great sandwich ideas to try.

Wrap things up.

Company’s coming? For a quick and cool appetizer, make our Easy Turkey-Tortilla Roll-Ups using Chive & Onion PHILADELPHIA 1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese and OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast. They taste gourmet but take just 5 minutes to make.

Open a sub shop.

Our Famous Sub Shop Club starts with a true summertime staple: hot dog buns! Then we layered on OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved lunchmeats like Honey Ham and Roast Beef. But feel free to try different toppings if you like!

Talk turkey.

Dont wait till Thanksgiving for your next turkey sandwich! OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Oven Roasted Turkey Breast is available year-round—and we did the roasting for you. Go a little gourmet with our Tangy Raspberry Turkey Sandwich recipe, which features the sweet-and-savory flavors of raspberry jam and GREY POUPON mustard. Or take your taste buds to the Southwest, with a Savory Turkey Sandwich. It gets its kickin’ flavor from mesquite-smoked turkey meat.

Break out your best bread.

Got some leftover ciabatta? Top it with Caesar-inspired chicken salad. We call it a Caesar Pleaser. You’ll call it nice-enough-for-guests.

Or make some open-faced appetizers of Deli-Style Bruschetta. They’re layered with OSCAR MAYER shaved meats, summertime veggies, and KRAFT reduced-fat cheese. (Read the recipe for our “secret” sub-style dressing!)

For dessert, think out of the box.

The graham cracker box, that is. Our frozen Creamy Coolwich recipe is as easy as sandwiching dollops of COOL WHIP Sugar Free Whipped Topping between HONEY MAID Low Fat Honey Grahams. Keep a batch in the freezer all summer long for an easy, cool, anytime treat.