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Easter Brunch Tips

Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

Our Easter brunch tips ensure you’ll enjoy the occasion as much as everyone else! Smart menu planning with top-rated Easter brunch recipes is a great start. You’ll want a nice variety of sweet and savory dishes, so be sure to take a peek at our baked goods, breakfast foods, savory egg bakes, dinner-style casseroles and other make-ahead dishes. Easter brunch is also a great time to celebrate fresh spring produce, like asparagus and strawberry treats!

Planning Easter Brunch

Because brunches typically take place in the morning hours, it is important to be prepared because there is little to no prep time the morning of. Here are a few tips to get ahead of the game and allow your brunch to run as smoothly as possible:

  • Choose some dishes that can be prepared in advance. Overnight Stuffed French Toast and Sky-High Brunch Bake can both be prepared in advance and baked or reheated through the next day.
  • Set your table and buffet table the night before, making sure to include all serving pieces and supporting flatware.
  • Fill water or juice pitchers and store in the refrigerator so the beverages are properly chilled. Measure out coffee so it is ready to perk when guests arrive. If you are having a large crowd, check out Coffee for a Crowd. It will give you details on how and how much coffee to prepare for your guests.

When planning the main course for your Easter brunch, consider offering a vegetarian option such as: VELVEETA Egg & Veggie Bake, Tex-Mex Morning Scramble, VELVEETA Vegetable Brunch Bake, or Cheesy Potato & Egg Skillet. All equally as fulfilling dishes, just without the meat!

Easter Eggs

Who can celebrate Easter without eggs!! For some, making hard-cooked eggs can be a daunting task. Check out the How to Boil an Egg video or follow these simple steps for a perfectly cooked egg every time: Place eggs in saucepan; add enough water to completely cover eggs by at least 1 inch. Bring water boil; cover. Remove saucepan from heat; let stand 15 min. Drain eggs; immediately place in bowl of ice water. Let stand until completely cooled, changing water if necessary. Perfectly hard-cooked eggs will have a firm yellow center with no greenish tinge. Hard-cooked eggs in their shells can be refrigerated for up to 1 week. Hard-cooked, colored eggs make great centerpieces or can be used as name plates for seating arrangements at the head table.

Easter Menu

When planning your menu, think “variety.” Serve foods with an assortment of colors, flavors and textures.

Sides are a great way to add your personal touch to the meal. Here are a few not-so-typical sides you might want to give a try: Roasted Garlic & Cheese Grits Souffle, JELL-O Jewels Dessert, or Strawberry-Feta Salad.

If you are serving OSCAR MAYER Bacon at your buffet table in a chaffing dish, consider lining the bottom of the dish with toasted bread to absorb extra grease from the bacon during service.

When deciding what sides to have at your holiday meal, consider “What’s in season”. Our guide will help direct you to produce that is bountiful during the spring season. Typically when you buy produce in season, it is cheaper and will be the best quality too!

Quick breads and muffins are a nice addition to a brunch buffet for two reasons. First, everybody loves them, and second, they can be made weeks in advance and frozen. Try these recipes to offer a variety of color and flavor at your brunch buffet: Classic Sour Cream Banana Bread, ATHENOS Zucchini Bread, or Carrot Cake Muffins.

Seasonal fruits not only make great desserts, but can also make beautiful springtime centerpieces for your Easter table. For a monochromatic theme, choose fruits that are of a similar color palate and place in a large bowl. For example, lemons or oranges are a warm and festive color for the season. Gather small oranges, kumquats or lemons. Arrange in a large clear glass bowl with some fresh greenery, and voila!...a simple and fresh centerpiece.