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Cute Halloween Treats and Sweets

Frightening Witch Finger Cookies

Get recipe: Frightening Witch's Finger Cookies

When you're planning your Halloween party menu this year, you'll definitely want to incorporate these eight cute Halloween treats and sweets! Halloween is one of our favorite times of year—it's incredibly fun to serve spooky desserts and food at costume parties. Try out one—or more—of these frighteningly cute Halloween treats for a party or to take to work or school. They’re perfect for younger crowds or settings where you don’t want to get too frightening. In addition to these Halloween sweets, be sure to check out some of our savory Halloween appetizers and other great Halloween recipes!

1.  Great Pumpkin Cake

Great Pumpkin Cake

Set out a show-stopping centerpiece when you serve our adorable Great Pumpkin Cake. Unlike some other Great Pumpkins we know, you can rest assured that this Halloween sweet will be sure to show up to the party.

2. Easy Halloween Truffles

 Easy Halloween Truffles

Shaped like ghost faces and pumpkins, Easy Halloween Truffles are a great addition to any Halloween get-together! Spooky, fun and with a delightful chocolate center, your guests are sure to love them.

3.  Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard Brownies

You won't have to step into a graveyard to enjoy this batch of spooky-yet-cute Halloween treats. Decorate peanut butter sandwich cookies as tombstones to turn basic brownies into these Graveyard Brownies.

4. Boo Cups

Frightening Witch Finger Cookies

Ready in just 15 minutes and perfectly on-theme, Boo Cups are a great Halloween sweet that won’t take a lot of effort. Plus, everyone is sure to love the cute ghost faces made from COOL WHIP Whipped Topping and chocolate chips.

5. Bats & Cats Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Bats with Cats Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Get your cookie cutters ready to make these Bats & Cats Chocolate Halloween Cookies. With one taste, you might start thinking of black cats as good luck after all!

6. Frightening Witch Finger Cookies

Frightening Witch Finger Cookies

You’re in for a real nail-biter of an evening when you serve our Frightening Witch Finger Cookies at your Halloween party. Don’t forget to admire the truly boo-tiful manicure, either!



Black cats, pumpkins, owls, ghosts, ghouls…whatever kinds of scary cookie cutters you've got on hand, use them to create Spooky JELL-O JIGGLERS. The best part? Even the littlest hands can help make them!

8. One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

The cupcakes have their eyes on you! Even though they're monsters, these One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes are adorably cute Halloween treats. We use green dye for the frosting, but feel free to make your own variation! Purple, blue, red—any color will do!

Set the perfect tone for your next Halloween party with these spooky decorating ideas as well as these cute Halloween sweets from Kraft Recipes!