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Our 30 Favorite June Recipes

Southern Banana Pudding

Get recipe: Southern Banana Pudding

Jump into summertime fun with this amazing list of June recipes for you to explore. We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite summer recipes based on which recipes our readers gravitate towards this time of year. With full days and the kids on vacation, the last thing people want to do is squander time in the kitchen. Grilling season is also now in full swing, so don’t forget to check out our summer BBQ recipes. We’ve packed so many great June recipes together for your enjoyment that you can try your hand at a different dish every day of the month. But don’t forget to plan that special day just for Dad using our swell collection of Father’s Day recipes.

1. Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Far and away one of our most popular summer recipes is our Easy Pasta Salad Recipe. It’s easy to see why. The prep for this flavor-packed pasta salad is super simple and it’s a Healthy Living recipe.

2. Mexican Chicken Casserole

Mexican Chicken Casserole

You favorite Tex-Mex flavors come together in a yummy casserole with our Mexican Chicken Casserole. Plus it’s ready in 45 minutes, so there’s no need to rush back home right away to cook.

3. Our Best Chocolate Cheesecake

Our Best Chocolate Cheesecake

There’s never a wrong time for cheesecake, especially chocolate cheesecake. Discover why we call this recipe Our Best Chocolate Cheesecake. It won’t take you long to figure out why.

4. Easy Appetizer Bites

Easy Appetizer Bites

Unexpected guests are coming over for the cookout at the last minute and you need more appetizers. Take control of the situation with our Easy Appetizer Bites. All you need is ten minutes of prep time and three ingredients.

5. VELVEETA® Cheeseburger Macaroni

VELVEETA® Cheeseburger Macaroni

Bring together two classic tastes for an unbeatable dish with VELVEETA® Cheeseburger Macaroni. After seeing the kids’ reactions, you may wonder why you hadn’t thought of this sooner!

6. Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff

If you’re planning a full day of outdoor activities and you don’t want to worry about cooking at the end of the day, you may want to try our Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff. As an added bonus it’s also a big hit at potlucks.

7. COOL ‘N EASY Strawberry Pie

COOL 'N EASY Strawberry Pie

COOL WHIP Whipped Topping and strawberry gelatin combine for the filling to our COOL ‘N EASY Strawberry Pie. Plus the fresh strawberries on top are a great example of using summer produce to maximum effect.

8. Easy Oven Frittata Recipe

 Easy Oven Frittata

Make a great-tasting frittata to serve at brunch without breaking a sweat with our Easy Oven Frittata Recipe. Basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and bacon bits combine in an incredibly delicious way.

9. Weeknight Taco Salad

Weeknight Taco Salad

Make a meaty, cheesy Weeknight Taco Salad in less than half an hour and spend the extra time doing something fun outdoors. It even comes in its own edible tortilla bowl!

10. Spinach Dip with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese


We have yet to meet anyone who is not a fan of our Spinach Dip with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese. Set out a bowl of this extremely popular dish and watch the party get moving.

11. Lasagna Roll-Ups

Lasagna Roll-Ups

Take lasagna to a vertical plane with our super exciting Lasagna Roll-Ups. All your favorite lasagna ingredients are involved, just in a whole new direction.

12. Icy Mangonadas for Two

Icy Mangonadas for Two

Cool off but keep the action sizzling with our Icy Mangonadas for Two. Our version of this Mexican favorite includes a mango base and savory chamoy sauce to keep things interesting.

13. Grilled ‘Baked’ Potatoes

Grilled Baked Potatoes

Make your side on the grill right next to your steak with our Grilled ‘Baked’ Potatoes. These grilled potatoes include all your favorite fixings of classic baked potatoes.

14. Southern Banana Pudding

Southern Banana Pudding

Bring a little Southern hospitality to your next gathering with Southern Banana Pudding. Simple to make and impossible to ignore, this dessert is sure to impress.

15. Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Home-Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Take a classic and make it even more amazing with our Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe. It even includes the perfect amount of cayenne pepper to add a touch of extra heat.

16. Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Take some time to taste a tremendous treat with our Peanut Butter Cookies recipe. The classic crisscross pattern is sure to bring back some happy memories.

17. Family Reunion Macaroni Salad

Family Reunion Macaroni Salad

Our Family Reunion Macaroni Salad is perfect for when the whole family gathers to enjoy some summertime fun. This dish may just be the quintessential June recipe.

18. Luscious Lemon Poke Cake

 Luscious Lemon Poke Cake

The absolutely gorgeous Luscious Lemon Poke Cake will make you wish that you could actually have your cake and eat it too. Just don’t leave it out in the rain. Wasting such a work of art would be inexcusable.

19. Quick BBQ Pork Chops

Quick BBQ Pork Chops

Enjoy big taste in a hurry with our Quick BBQ Pork Chops. All you need are 20 minutes and three ingredients.

20. Taco Bake Casserole

Taco Bake Casserole

Enjoy all the great Tex-Mex tastes you know and love in a whole new way with our Taco Bake Casserole. Kids love the additional tastes of mac and cheese in this unique recipe.

21. OREO Cheesecake Bites

OREO Cheesecake Bites

Take along a tray of OREO Cheesecake Bites to your next social affair. These ingenious morsels combine two amazing worlds into small packages that ensure everyone gets a taste.

22. Better-than-Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna

Better-than-Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna

A good lasagna recipe is worth holding onto. That’s why we would love to introduce you to our Better-than-Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna. You may never need another lasagna recipe.

23. COUNTRY TIME Pineapple Punch

COUNTRY TIME Pineapple Punch

Slow things down a spell and relax with COUNTRY TIME Pineapple Punch. We find that this yummy concoction is best enjoyed while sitting on the front porch during an afternoon break.

24. Amazing Muffin Cups

Amazing Muffin Cups

Amazing Muffin Cups are the perfect way to entertain early morning guests. The individual serving sizes are perfect to set out for everyone and are jam packed with breakfast favorites.

25. TATER TOTS® Casserole Recipe

TATER TOT-Topped Casserole

A golden brown layer of TATER TOTS® tops our fantastic TATER TOTS® Casserole Recipe. Underneath you’ll find a savory layer of ground beef and vegetables.

26. Cheese ‘n Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Cheese 'n Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Serve a batch of our Cheese ‘n Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Recipe and watch their faces light up. These wonderful tasting appetizers look so great that no one will believe they only took 35 minutes to make.

27. Classic Sour Cream-Banana Bread

Classic Sour Cream-Banana Bread

Need something to do with those bananas that are just slightly past their prime? Why not bake up some Classic Sour Cream-Banana Bread? Your family will appreciate it.

28. PHILADELPHIA Creamy Tortilla Roll-Ups

PHILADELPHIA Creamy Tortilla Roll-Ups

If you’re in the need of a great summer appetizer with a touch of Southwestern flair, we’ve got you covered with our PHILADELPHIA Creamy Tortilla Roll-Ups. These delectable bites are served with a side of salsa for an extra special experience.

29. Fruit Salad with Marshmallows

Five-Cup Fruit Salad

Combine sweet and citrus flavors with our Fruit Salad with Marshmallows. This dish is one of our favorite June recipes because it’s served cold and perfect for cooling off after summertime fun.

30. Basil Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes

Basil Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes

Fresh basil, grape tomatoes and mozzarella make an unmistakable taste combination that comes to life in our Basil Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes recipe. You’d never guess that this dish is also a Healthy Living recipe.

As you can see, June recipes are all about getting outside, socializing and having fun. Seize this special time of year while you can and share it with ones you love. We even have a whole collection of recipes dedicated to summer entertaining so you can make the most of these warm, sunny days.