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Recipe Box

General Safety Rules

Kids and cooking go hand-in-hand -- it's like an edible craft project!

In addition to being fun, fixing their own food helps children develop self-esteem and can turn fussy eaters on to new foods.

General Safety Rules for Care Givers

  • Adult supervision is mandatory. Ovens, knives and bubbling pots become potential accidents when kids are left on their own in the kitchen.
  • Instill cleanliness by washing hands in hot soapy water before and after handling food, pulling back long hair, or cleaning countertops.
  • Always return unused portions of perishable foods, like dairy products and meats, to the refrigerator right after using them. Don't let them sit out on the counter.
  • Teach microwave oven safety. Show how to select a microwaveable bowl and to use pot holders when removing containers from the oven.
  • When shaping foods with hands, caution children not to lick their fingers or put their hands in their mouths. This is especially important with raw foods, such as cookie dough and meat.
  • Instruct children to direct sneezes and coughs away from food, to use a tissue to cover mouth and nose and to wash hands immediately afterward.
  • Instead of wiping hands on dish towels after handling raw meats, use paper towels. If a dish towel comes in contact with raw meats or their juices, immediately remove it from the kitchen for laundering.