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Our kid-friendly recipes are easy to make and delicious to eat. Our videos guide you each step of the way!

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  • Backwards Night

    This video shows you how to have family dinnertime fun with Backwards Night! It starts with dessert and actually gets more interesting from there.

  • COOL WHIP Mini Chocolate Tarts with Peanuts

    Discover mini chocolate tarts with peanuts from KRAFT Recipes. This recipe combines peanuts, chocolate, and COOL WHIP for a fun treat any day of the week.

  • COOL WHIP Chocolate Ganache

    You're just ten minutes and two ingredients away from an easy-to-make chocolate ganache that's rich, creamy and scrumptious.

  • Forkless Fridays

    Finger food is fun food! Shake up family dinnertime with tips from this how-to video on how to create a menu for Forkless Fridays.

  • How to Make JELL-O® Desserts

    Think you know how to make JELL-O® desserts? This video demonstrates tips from the pros—including how to make it set quicker.

  • Kids Shakeover Takeover

    Kids make the dinner, set the table and even clean up afterwards! Watch this cooking video on how to do a shakeover-makeover family theme night.

  • Mac Your Way

    In just 15 seconds, this cooking video will inspire you to make mac and cheese your way! A must-watch for BLT fans, pizza lovers and nacho aficionados.

  • How to Set Up a Hot Dog Bar

    Hot dogs are fun food! To make them even more so, watch this cooking video to see how to set up a hot dog bar with all the fixings!

  • JELL-O® Frozen Pudding Pops

    Insert a wooden pop stick into the top of a JELL-O Pudding Snack, and then freeze. What could be better than pudding on a stick? Stumped you, didn’t we?