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Liven Up Fruits and Veggies
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Liven Up Fruits and Veggies

Here’s why you need a variety of fruits and veggies—plus delicious quick-prep tips!

Have you heard that you should eat a “rainbow” of fruits and veggies each day? More colors of fruits and vegetables on your plate mean more types of health-promoting nutrients for your body. And research shows that plant nutrients are team players, possibly boosting each other’s benefits when eaten together. Try these easy ways to make that produce a little more exciting.

Mix Things Up

Try some of our recipes that call for a variety of different fruits or veggies, such as Cottage Berry Crunch (an easy breakfast with bananas and assorted berries) or Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry (an entrée that includes a variety of vegetables).

Do Some Dipping

Snacking on carrots or other raw veggies? You might enjoy them with a bit of dip, to boost flavor. Try some fat free or light dressings to make a quick dip for veggies. Or make our Creamy Mediterranean Dip: You’ll get extra vitamin A from the spinach in this recipe. For fruits, COOL WHIP Sugar Free Whipped Topping makes a deliciously easy dip, or search our recipes for something a bit fancier.

Serve Fruits and Veggies Together

Greens tossed with chopped fruit and veggies make a simple side dish or entrée. For an easy option that’s special enough for guests, try our Grape, Cheddar and Walnut Salad. The recipe is designed as a main dish, but cutting the serving size in half (to 1 cup) makes a great side portion.

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