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4 Ways To Fuel Your Morning
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4 Ways To Fuel Your Morning

Want to start your day with more energy? Here are a few simple steps—from stretching to eating a smart breakfast—that can help.

If you have trouble getting your “engine” started in the morning, you’re not alone. Here are a few ways that you can ease into the day with more energy.

1. Start with a stretch. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat on the bed, and your arms out to your sides. Slowly lower your knees to the left while looking to your right. Hold for five seconds, then, return to the start. Repeat to the right.

2. Open those curtains. Studies find that exposure to light can increase alertness.

3. Enjoy a little protein. For a quick and delicious source of protein, try a serving of BOCA Meatless Breakfast Links. They have no cholesterol and 75% less fat than pork sausage varieties.

4. Warm up with a cup. For most people, coffee is fine. Try a sugar substitute and fat free milk in your MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee. If you like flavored instant coffee, choose a sugar free, low calorie variety. Or, for tea drinkers, try our delicious Hot Spiced Tea—it’s low calorie and sugar free!

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