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Penny's Cornbread Stuffing
Penny's Cornbread Stuffing

Penny's Cornbread Stuffing

1 Hr(s)
What You Need
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1 serving
Original recipe yields 1 serving
Giblets (neck, gizzard, liver, heart)
2 stick unsalted real butter, divided
1 1/2 tsp chicken bouillon
2 boxes Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing
bunches 2 or 3 green onion, cut-up include green area
16 oz fresh mushroom, sliced
bunch 1/2 to 3/4 fresh parsley, chopped
3 med to large carrots, shredded
2 eggs
Turkey size baking bag
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Let's Make It
Boil giblets (neck, gizzard, liver, heart) with 1 stick of butter and the chicken bouillon. Let cool, save broth. You can use the giblets in stuffing, if you chop them up in small pieces
In large bowl mix the stuffing and vegetables. Slowly pour in the broth mixing lightly. Add broth until the stuffing is as moist as you like it. Some people like it dry, some like it very moist, I like mine just a little on the dry side. This is the time to taste test. Add more Knorr Suiza if it needs more salt. Slightly beat eggs with whisk and add. Be careful not to stir stuffing too much, just stir enough to mix together. Spice turkey according to your taste, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, etc.
Stuff into both ends of turkey. Place in baking bag (follow directions for bag). Any stuffing that you could not get into the bird, place around it. After you put it in the bag, slice stick of butter and place on the turkey before closing the bag. Bake according to bag directions.
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