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Pineapple Bread

Pineapple Bread

3 Hr(s) 30 Min(s)
What You Need
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1 serving
Original recipe yields 1 serving
2 cups drained crushed pineapple, packed in juice
1-1/2 cups pineapple juice from draining
1 cup butter
2 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup warm water (110 degrees F)
2 pkg active dry yeast
1 tsp sugar
4 large eggs
cups 8-1/2 to 9-1/2 unbleached flour
Egg wash (1 egg with 1 tsp. water)
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Let's Make It
Thoroughly drain the pineapple; don't measure packed in juice. Warm the pineapple juice in a saucepan with the butter, salt and 1/2 cup of sugar until butter melts. Cool to lukewarm.
In a large bowl, put warm water, yeast and 1 tsp sugar. Let set until the yeast starts to bubble or foam. Stir in the cooled pineapple juice mixture, the drained pineapple and the eggs. Add flour, 2 cups at a time, until a soft dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Turn out onto a floured surface; knead with more flour if needed, until smooth and elastic. The dough still will be a bit sticky. Grease a large bowl; place dough in the bowl. Allow to rise in a draft-free space until doubled in bulk. Punch down dough; allow to rest 10 minutes.
Grease three 5x9-inch loaf pans. Divide dough equally. Roll out each piece of dough into a rectangle the length of the pan. Roll up jellyroll fashion and place in loaf pan. Allow dough to rise until doubled in bulk. Glaze tops of loaves with egg wash, if desired.
Place pans in 350 degrees F preheated oven about 30 to 40 minutes. Remove loaves from pans; cool on a wire rack.
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