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Grilled Corn, Tomato and Red Onion Salad
Grilled Corn, Tomato and Red Onion Salad

Grilled Corn, Tomato and Red Onion Salad

1 Hr(s)
What You Need
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1 serving
Original recipe yields 1 serving
Grilled corn from the cob
Butter/olive oil
Tomatoes ( 1 small tomato for each ear of corn)
Red onion (1/4 cup for 2 corn cobs, 2 tomatoes)
Seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, onion powder and garlic powder
Dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
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Let's Make It
Prepare Corn: Remove husks and silk (leave handle), wash and pat dry, butter (or margarine) cob of corn, or lightly brush with olive oil, wrap in aluminum foil. Grill corn over medium heat turning every few minutes, about 10 minutes each side, until corn starts to brown—about 20 minutes, until tender (don’t overcook them as they will dry out), remove from heat, remove foil and allow to cool. When cool, remove corn from cob with sharp knife—easy over large shallow baking pan.
Prepare tomatoes and onions: Chop tomatoes and red onions. Combine tomatoes and red onion in a large bowl, grind ½ tsp. oregano in palm of hand to release flavor and add to tomatoes and onions, sprinkle a little (about 1/4 tsp. of onion powder and garlic powder) and dash of salt and pepper (to taste). Add a drizzle (2 tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil and a splash (another 2 tablespoons) of balsamic vinegar and gently mix together.
Let tomatoes and onion sit for about 10-15 minutes at room temperature, tossing gently every 5 minutes or so. Gently fold corn into tomatoes and serve. Optional: Spice it up with red chile pepper flakes.
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